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Yoga is Medicine.


What Is Yoga?

"Yoga is a collection of mind-body practice with origins in ancient South Asian philosophy and practice [109]. It includes physical postures ("asanas"), breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as diet and meditation. The term yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word "yug," meaning "yoke" or "union" [110]. According to traditional yoga philosophy, the ultimate intent of a yoga practice is to unite the individual with the totality of the universe."

- Link to Article on UpToDate

"Yoga is a practice of breathing, mindfulness, spirituality, body, and the connection among these factors. Through its three main components (postures, breathing, and meditation), as well as nonspecific events, yoga appears to be safe and to improve multiple parameters of health and quality of life."

- Link to Article on UpToDate


Why Yoga Therapy?

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From the Founder

“The non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of change. Cultivating an awareness of these states contributes to increases in compassion and present-focused attention, and decreases in reactivity.”


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