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Praise the Light

Yoga, Meditation, & AAIT (Acceptance and Integration Training) with Jennifer Manaker.

Based in Maryville, Tennessee.

About Jennifer Manaker, FNP-BC


Jennifer Manaker is the founder of Praise The Light Yoga, offering a personalized experience for those seeing individual and group yoga training. She has been practicing for over 10 years and was so drawn to the mental and physical benefits that she became a certified teacher in 2019. She continues to study and is becoming licensed to provide AAIT counseling services to her clients. She also teaches at local studios in Maryville and Knoxville, pursuing her passion for providing the benefits of yoga to all ages and abilities. 

Jennifer is the mother of three boys; She enjoys spending time with her children, traveling and exploring new places, and staying active. 

Lotus in Bloom

Find Your True Self &
Discover The Light Within.

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"Jennifer’s guided meditation was an experience that enabled us to feel comforted by her gentle, caring voice and to reduce stress and anxiety in both body and mind. I felt a release of tension as well as being centered in my body, mind and soul. She taught us how to take a few moments each morning to focus on quieting our minds and getting in touch with our bodies, breathing and attitudes to start each day!"

Jane Russell


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 2219 Canterbury Circle, Maryville, TN 37803 \\ Tel: (865) 448-5069


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